Volcanic summer

This is going to the very first post in English here… But why not? Let us see if this experiment will bring more visitors to our blog! In the past, we already wrote similar posts on the topics below in Russian, so its now time to show our places to the English-speaking audience. 😉

Anyway, the story is about our recent visit to Le Cap d’Agde in France and its volcanic coast. The nude part of this place will not be covered here. 😉 The volcanic coast has been formed tens of thousands years ago as a consequence of multiple volcano eruptions. Together with my son, Victor-Jr, we walked through the local Mediterranean beaches and visited basaltic rocks, lava streams and even an isolated stony beach which can only be accessed from the sea!

A few pictures are shown below. Enjoy! 🙂

Volcano has created basaltic reefs under the water; and many ships, including pirate ones, have gone down near the coast of Cap. The local museum offers a lot of artifacts dated from ancient Greek times to the modern era. But the main highlight is the statue of Ephebe – an ancient Greek who lived here B.C. and was famous for his adult adventures. 🙂 Finally, he also suffered from diseases he got as a result of his love adventures. Times do not change, really. 🙂 Fortunately, we have antibiotics nowadays! 🙂


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